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About Us

Welcome to iX Cameras, a 15 year old new company.

iX Cameras was founded by a team of engineers and business development entrepreneurs that had worked at Olympus KeyMed for over 15 years, developing state-of-the-art high-speed cameras under the brand name of i-SPEED. The i-SPEED series 1 and series 2 cameras were the first cameras to allow users to capture images using both portable stand-alone displays and PCs via Ethernet. The i-SPEED series 3 was launched in 2009 and was the first megapixel camera to acquire at 2000 fps with exceptional light sensitivity. Together the i-SPEED series 1, 2 and 3 cameras – with 14 models -- have been sold to over 3000 customers worldwide.

The i-SPEED cameras have won numerous design and innovation awards, including the coveted Queen’s Award for technical achievement.

When Olympus decided to reorganize its expansive industrial product line in 2014, the senior management of both Olympus and KeyMed developed a strategy to allow the full team to transfer their skills and ambitions to a small, streamlined and dedicated company. From this vision, iX Cameras was born. Mr. Peter Carellas, a renowned expert in the areas of high-speed imaging and an industry entrepreneur, was brought in to lead the spin-off effort and to manage the team in their new endeavor. Supporting Mr. Carellas are industry veterans Jon Hatton, who will continue to lead all global business development and sales activities, and Chris Robinson, who will bring his highly-regarded Research & Development group.

So, underneath the new banner of iX Cameras is a well-regarded team of technologists, business development staff, service personnel and manufacturing experts – with many years of industry experience and an exceptional track record.

Using staff trained at Olympus, iX Cameras is now responsible for servicing all i-SPEED cameras. In addition, i-SPEED 3 series cameras will still be manufactured at Olympus to the same legendary quality standards that have become synonymous with the Olympus name.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to write us at info@ix-cameras.com.

iX Cameras Information


United Kingdom: Bradley House, Locks Hill, Rochford, Essex
United States: 8 Cabot Road, Suite 1800, Woburn MA, 01801
China: Room 1402, Unit 65, No 399, Hangting Road, Oriental Hong Jing Garden ZhuQiao Town, Shanghai
India: J2-101, Swiss County, Thergaon, Pune-411033

Peter Carellas, President, CEO
Jonathan Hatton: Director, Business Development
Chris Robinson: Director, High-Speed Video Engineering
Nick Paris: Manager, Global Applications Engineering

High-speed imaging cameras and solutions
Software for camera control and video analysis

Ballistics, Automotive Testing, R&D testing, Production Line Monitoring and Auditing, Biomechanics, Sports Performance, Media and Cinematography