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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am interested in purchasing a camera. Who do I contact?
Please contact us here: Contact Sales
Q. Where do I obtain many spare parts?
Contact Tech Support here: Support Form
Q. What are the differences between the i-SPEED TR/3/FS/DF?
Click here to view our complete product line and to explore specifications for each camera.
Q. Can I rent a camera?
Yes, we rent cameras in many countries. Contact a sales associate for more information.
Q. How do I get some training on the operation of the camera?
Your local distributor will be happy to set up training to help you get the most from your camera. Contact us to find your local distributor.
Q. I would like to get my camera serviced. Who do I contact?
Contact Tech Support here: Support Form
Q. Can the camera log data while recording?
Yes, the camera can log data during recording with specific National Instruments data loggers and the Control Pro version of our software.
Q. Are i-SPEED cameras CE marked?
Yes the cameras are fully CE certified.
Q. Do any of the i-SPEED cameras have export restrictions?
Only the i-SPEED FS has export restrictions, due to its 200ns shutter time being below the 1us minimum.
Q. Can i-SPEED work with PIV applications?
Yes the i-SPEED 3 and FS models have a random snapshot mode that allows the camera to capture an image with every incoming sync signal. For PIV, we also recommend our custom i-SPEED DF camera (available on request) that can be controlled via our software SDK.
Q. Can I control the i-SPEED camera from a distance?
Yes the camera can be operated by Ethernet up to 100m. If longer distances are required, we recommend switched repeaters or a fiber extender.
Q. How long will the i-SPEED camera operate before I need to recharge the battery?
The internal battery will run the camera for approximately 1 hour.
Q. How far can the CDU be from the camera?
The standard CDU lead is 3m but a 10m lead is available. If more than 10m is required, then up to 2 CDU repeaters can be used to achieve the maximum 30m.
Q. Can I use an electronic view finder with the i-SPEED cameras?
Yes, a composite input view finder can be plugged into the composite signal on the rear of the camera.
Q. What file format does the i-SPEED use to save video files?
The i-SPEED camera saves in .HSV format. This format can handle compressed or uncompressed images. If you would like to save in . AVI format, the PC software allows you do this.
Q. Is the i-SPEED camera High G?
Standard i-SPEED cameras are very robust and designed for industrial use. High G versions of each i-SPEED camera are available for use with High G applications.
Q. Please explain trigger position.
The camera by default is set to 50% trigger. This means that if a recording is 10 seconds, there will be 5 seconds of video before the trigger and 5 seconds after the trigger. If the camera is set to 20% trigger, there will be 2 seconds of video before the trigger and 8 seconds after.

Customer Support

If you cannot find the answer to your question in our FAQs list, please contact our support department.

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