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Highest Speed   |   Highest Resolution   |   8,512 fps @ 2048x1536   |   1080p HD above 12,500 fps

It's a level of performance that captures more than an instant in time. It captures the imagination. From the innovators of Olympus high-speed camera technology comes our state-of-the-art i-SPEED 7 Series with groundbreaking specifications for demanding scientific applications. Designed for engineering and research, i-SPEED 7 cameras provide the perfect balance of ultra-high resolution -- with smaller pixel size for accuracy and the ability to zoom in to magnify detail -- with recording speeds that capture even the fastest transient events without any blur. Don't just slow down motion -- analyze it. The i-SPEED 7 is more than just raw recording power -- it is loaded with usability features (see below). The i-SPEED 7 line of state-of-the art cameras will provide years of high-end benefit to any research lab or test range.

i-SPEED 7 Series Camera Models

5,315 fps @ 2048x1536
7,960 fps @ 1080p
500,000 fps Max Frame Rate
36 / 72 / 96 / 144 / 192 / 288GB RAM Memory
Mono 5,000/40,000
Color 1,800/14,400
6,642 fps @ 2048x1536
9,942 fps @ 1080p
750,000 fps Max Frame Rate
72 / 96 / 144 / 192 / 288GB RAM Memory
Mono 5,000/40,000
Color 1,800/14,400
8,512 fps @ 2048x1536
12,742 fps @ 1080p
1 Million fps Max Frame Rate
96 / 144 / 192 / 288GB RAM Memory
Mono 5,000/40,000
Color 1,800/14,400


The i-SPEED 7 cameras boast internal bandwidths from 16 to 26 GPixels/second, resulting in the fastest recording rates in the world. But recording speed is not everything: the heart of the i-SPEED 7 is an innovative, custom-designed and exclusive 3.1 MPixel image sensor that allows users to use digital zoom to capture both temporal and spatial details.
Live Camera Control at Your Fingertips
All Olympus i-SPEED high-speed cameras have come with heralded Control Display Units (CDU). The new i-SPEED 7 by iX Cameras continues this tradition, introducing the first touchscreen CDU version -- the CDUe -- for the utmost in portability and ease-of- use at the camera. The CDUe application software is designed in layers. Make a quick recording, save images to the internal or external SSD and playback slowly with just a few touches. For more demanding applications, the CDUe helps you focus, set exposure, record and playback with a wide range of powerful options. The bright display allows camera users to 'frame and aim' at the camera -- no more towing around laptops or looking at large TV displays to optimize focus and position. No other camera provides portable control like the i-SPEED 7 with a CDUe.
  • 10.1" high-resolution LCD touchscreen CDUe monitor
  • Intuitive, compact and easy-to-use software applicaton
  • Change settings, frame rate and shutter speed, then record and instantly view the action at any speed
  • Save to internal or external swappable SSDs for fast, efficient saving and maximum up-time.
  • Includes i-FOCUS and i-EXPOSURE for optimal focus and setting of your optics.
  • Innovative 'Low Light' mode lets you easily switch between recording mode and setup mode
  • Set cameras to record in loop mode, then trigger internally, externally or automatically.
Optional Ruggedized Case
If your application requires you to take your i-SPEED 7 outside the laboratory, select the rugged package. Machined from solid aluminum, the rugged package is High-G rated for shock and designed to wick moisture away from the electronics inside. The rugged package also has a removable handle and multiple attachment holes on all sides for hanging, use with booms and insertion into enclosures and chambers. Whether you elect the instrumentation package or the rugged package, you will still enjoy the i-CHEQ 360 lights.
PC Control Software Sets new Standard
For the i-SPEED 7, we also designed an innovative new suite of software -- the i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0. The 'i-3S2' software is based on feedback from our users regarding their workflow and processes. The suite comes with multiple 'applications' optimized for whether you are working directly with one camera, multiple cameras or multiple cameras with the optional DAQ hardware modules, or working at your desk doing editing, motion analysis or presentations. Modern, modular and user configurable, the new Control and Control Multi-DAQ let you create image-based test environments for easy setup of your cameras and DAQ hardware, and make quick measurements at the camera. For more extensive motion analysis, we have bundled ProAnalyst by Xcitex -- the premier motion analysis software on the market. i-SPEED Movie Maker lets you quickly make movies out of your high-speed videos, with fades, watermarks, ramps, titles and more. The full suite of applications work elegantly together for a truely revolutionary setup, test and data reduction experience.
i-SPEED Control
with i-SPEED Control
High speed video
i-SPEED Movie Maker
with i-SPEED Movie Maker
High speed camera
ProAnalyst By Xcitex
with ProAnalyst By Xcitex
High speed analysis
i-SPEED Viewer
with i-SPEED Viewer
High speed imaging
Swappable SSD RAM Memory Cartridges
slow motion
500 GB | 1 TB
High-speed cameras generate large video files that need to transfered to permanent storage. Introducing the first swappable external Solid State Drive (xSSD). Move very large data files in final video formats quickly and with ease. SSD cartridges snap into the i-SPEED 7 camera and into your laptop, where they appear as another hard drive. Available in a variety of storage capacities. No more expensive, custom high-volume transfer solutions.
Battery Powered
slow motion video
The i-SPEED 7 comes with optional removable 1-hour batteries that charge during operation and automatically engage once the camera is unplugged. Keep a store of fresh batteries to shoot on the go for as long as you need.
Health Monitoring
fastest cameras
The real-time health monitoring system is the most valuable i-SPEED 7 feature you will likely never see. Embedded within each camera is a sophisticated series of sensors capable of monitoring your camera's environment and power systems at all times, automatically making adjustments as necessary to ensure a stable working environment. This means that regardless of your capture environment, you never have to worry about your camera getting damaged or losing data through overheating, battery failure, voltage spikes, or overcurrents – it’s simply impossible.
HDMI, HD-SDI and More
The i-SPEED 7 offers the most versatile and varied output and control options available, allowing the ultimate freedom to use the camera in a variety of applications and industries. Whether you are controlling it through the CDUe or a local computer, you will use an instinctual and intuitive control system, allowing for quick recording, playback, cropping and saving of clips. Multiple video outputs allow for instant streaming of camera images and third-party connectivity and live interaction. The external SSD module allows for SSD cartridges to be quickly swapped between recording sessions.
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Dual HD-SDI Video Output and HDMI Direct Video Output
Connect to any external viewfinder, camera monitor or TV and view live video directly from the camera, or to preview video during playback and review. Dual HD-SDI output means that the video signal is not compromised even during long down-range video runs. View a direct video feed from up to 300m away with the HD-SDI ports or record and play back on-the- fly for more agile shoots.

Luminance Histogram
Real-time on-screen luminance histogram allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments to both the sensor as well as the image while you are setting up the scene. Adjust or invert individual channel brightness, contrast and color values, or fine tune the gain and gamma of the live image based on easy to read histogram levels.

Connect your i-SPEED 7 cameras to an IRIG-B generator to synchronize the timing across a test range. The i-SPEED 7 uses the range-acclaimed phase lock IRIG system invented for the i-SPEED 3 cameras in 2010, which is widely accepted to be the most accurate because it actively synchronizes the internal camera clock to external timing pulses. The IRIG time (and position) is logged with each frame.

Real-time Health Monitoring
View the camera's internal and external environmental conditions and allow the camera to automatically adjust fan speed to regulate heat distribution, saving precious battery life and reducing internal noise. Use the health monitoring system to adjust external environmental conditions manually. Monitor the total voltage used by the system, as well as the voltage used by the camera alone. Watch the current that the camera is using, the temperature of the sensor, fan speed, and the average camera temperature to ensure that challenging environmental conditions do not damage the camera. Test that third party protective housings are not disruptive to the internal framework of the camera. The real-time health monitoring system can also control fan noise using quiet mode and shows the battery health and status.

Auto Black Reference (each frame)
Unlike the competition, the i-SPEED 7 has no need to have the black balance set for each scene. The camera automatically verifies the black levels for every single frame it records, simplifying your workflow and producing beautifully contrasted shots automatically.

Data Collection Software
i-SPEED Control Multi-DAQ contains all of the software necessary to fully integrate your compatible NI DAQ hardware with your i-SPEED 7 capture. Sync and examine multiple channels of data with your video and import them both directly into ProAnalyst for synchronized, quantifiable motion and data.

On Board Image Processing
Unlike all of the other ultra-high- speed cameras on the market, the i-SPEED 7 does not output unprocessed RAW files by default. All video and images generated by the camera are fully processed by the camera itself, no need to set color and balance and playable video by default. View the videos right out of the camera, with no post-processing necessary after the video is uploaded – simply open your images and video in any movie player. Miss your adjustment palette, or are you unsure about the exposure of a shot? No problem – you can always save into an 8-bit, 12-bit or 16-bit RAW image or format, save time downloading the video* now by skipping the processing and spend the time later doing your camera adjustments with your preferred adjustment software.
*All published download speeds are based on default processed video settings. Exporting unprocessed video increases overall download speeds of camera.

Motion Analysis Software Included
Turn your i-SPEED camera into a precision measurement device with ProAnalyst, premium video analysis software from Xcitex Inc. Analyze, graph and output speed, acceleration, and angular motion. Measure fluid dynamics, PIV, displacement, and more with optional toolkits. Movie making software included i-SPEED Movie Maker is the world's only video editing software designed specifically for high- speed video. Movie Maker features virtually no render lag and focuses on frame rate and video speed. Overlay ProAnalyst video analysis directly on top of your video to create captivating presentations, or use Movie Maker to crop, trim expand or combine videos. Sync and edit multiple angles, insert graphical overlays and much more.

Focus-assist Algorithm
i-FOCUS assists in setting the focus of the image in bright environments or on moving objects. A brightly colored overlay peaks to red when lines on an object are crisp and that object is in focus. i-Focus is also an excellent way for the user to quickly see the available depth of field in the shot.

LED Status Indicators
High speed slow motion cameras Monitor your cameras status at a glance and in real-time with i-CHEQ 360. View in-camera details for single or multiple camera setups with Remote i-CHEQ, part of the i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0. Understand your camera's exact status using the 3 variable color lights on the rear of the camera and mirrored inside the control software.

Internal SSD Storage
Quick. Robust. Secure. The i-SPEED 7 comes with an optional internal SSD drive. Save terabytes of captured videos to the large internal storage drive and offload the files when it is convenient.

External SSD Storage
Transfer video files with our external Solid State Drive(XSSD). Move very large data files inexpensively and with ease. Swap drives so analysis can be done while the camera is still in action. Available in a variety of storage capacities, the XSSD is an obvious alternative to clunky and expensive external video solutions.

Internal Battery for Power
Dual swappable batteries provide up to an hour of independent charge to the camera. Plug the camera in to automatically recharge the batteries or replace them with fully charged ones to continue your capture uninterrupted, without the need for heavy battery packs or noisy generators.

External USB 3 storage
Save video or quickly transfer high resolution images directly to a USB drive, or cut out the middle man and connect a USB3 external hard-drive and transfer your compressed or uncompressed video directly to your portable storage.

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Synchronize Your i-SPEED 7 with your DAQ System

USB Model Channels Sampling Bits Per Sample Termination Status for Control Multi-DAQ
6000 4 DI 8 SE Multiplex 12 Screw Terminal Not Compatible
6001 13 DI 8 SE Multiplex 14 Screw Terminal Not Compatible
6002 13 DI 8 SE Multiplex 16 Screw Terminal Not Compatible
6003 13 DI 8 SE Multiplex 16 Screw Terminal Not Compatible
6008 12 DI 8 SE Multiplex 12 Screw Terminal Not Compatible
6009 12 DI 8 SE Multiplex 14 Screw Terminal Not Compatible
6210 4 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 Screw Terminal Compatible (716 Only)
6211 4 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 OEM Board Untested
6212 32 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 OEM Board Untested
6215 4 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 Screw Terminal Untested
6216 32 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 OEM Board Untested
6218 8 DI 32 SE Multiplex 16 OEM Board Untested
6221 24 DI 8 SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integrated Legacy, discontinued (use 6210)
6225 24 DI 80 SE Multiplex 16 Mass Termination, Screw Terminal Untested
6255 24 DI 80 SE Multiplex 16 Mass Termination, Screw Terminal Untested
6259 48 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integrated Legacy, discontinued (use 6351)
6281 24 DI 16 SE Multiplex 18 Mass Termination, Screw Terminal Untested
6289 48 DI 32 SE Multiplex 18 Mass Termination, Screw Terminal Untested
6341 24 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integrated Recommended (716 Only)
6343 48 DI 32 SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integrated Recommended (716 Only)
6351 48 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integrated Recommended (716 Only)
6353 48 DI 32 SE Multiplex 16 Mass Termination Recommended (716 Only)
6356 24 DI - SE Simultaneous 16 OEM Board Only Untested
6361 24 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 Mass Termination, Screw Terminal Untested
6361 24 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integration Untested
6363 48 DI 32 SE Multiplex 16 Mass Termination, Screw Terminal Probably Compatible
6363 48 DI 32 SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integration Probably Compatible
6366 24 DI - SE Simultaneous 16 Mass Termination, Screw Terminal Recommended
6366 24 DI - SE Simultaneous 16 BNC Integration Recommended
6212 24 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 Screw Terminal Untested
6212 24 DI - SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integrated Untested
6216 24 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 Screw Terminal Untested
6216 24 DI 8 SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integrated Untested
6218 8 DI 32 SE Multiplex 16 Screw Terminal Untested
6218 8 DI 16 SE Multiplex 16 BNC Integrated Untested
7855 48 DI 8 SE Independent 16 Integrated Cable Untested
7856 48 DI 8 SE Independent 16 Integrated Cable Untested

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Detailed i-SPEED 7 Series high-speed cameras specification and USB Multi-Function DAQ Device Compatibility


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