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Solution Partners

video motion analysis company

Xcitex video analysis software enables high-speed video cameras to be used as scientific, non-destructive, non-contact test instruments.

ProAnalyst® is the best selling professional-grade software for extracting, tracking, analyzing, and presenting motion data from pre-recorded video. ProAnalyst lets you use your camera to measure any moving object. Engineers, researchers, and athletes use ProAnalyst for product development, biological studies, product testing, and manufacturing.

To download your 30-day trial of ProAnalyst, click here.

For more information, visit www.xcitex.com

high speed LED lighting industry leader

GSVitec has been developing and selling high-speed and machine vision camera solutions for all industrial, research and military applications for 20 years. GSVitec products and system solutions for high-speed camera applications have been used by customers in over 50 countries worldwide for many years.

For more information, visit www.gsvitec.com

slow motion imaging for high speed video

With 30 years of experience, Falcon is an innovative company that specializes in high-speed imaging, digital video techniques, and measurement data acquisition, transfer and management. Falcon eXtra high-speed video software is tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive crash test industry.

For more information, visit www.falcon.de

slow motion imaging for high speed video

TSI Inc. serves a global market by investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems. As an industry leader in the design and production of precision measurement instruments, TSI partners with research institutions and customers around the world to set the standard for measurements relating to aerosol science, air flow, chemical analysis, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics, biohazard detection, and even scrap metal sorting and plastics identification. With headquarters based in the U.S. and field offices throughout Europe and Asia, TSI has established a worldwide presence in the markets we serve. Every day, our dedicated employees turn research into reality.

For more information, visit www.tsi.com

slow motion imaging for high speed video

MatchID offers non-contact imaging techniques (Digital Image Correlation & Grid) to retrieve mechanical and kinematical data at the surface of complex objects under any kind of loading. Our techniques combine both dense spatial and temporal information, applicable from small to large scales. Get the most profound and quantitative insights into test results and assess and validate the local mechanical behaviour of both materials and structures.

For more information, visit www.matchid.eu

slow motion imaging for high speed video

GOM develops, produces and distributes software, machines and systems for industrial and automated 3D coordinate measuring technology and 3D testing based on latest research results and innovative technologies.

For more information, visit www.gom.com

slow motion imaging for high speed video

Trilion Quality Systems offers Digital Image Correlation (DIC) systems and consulting services across North America. Trilion's optical measurement systems are the dream tool for engineers and manufacturing. Used through the aerospace, automotive, microelectronics, biomechanics and civil industries, DIC maps 3D coordinates and evaluate displacement and strain maps on the surface of measured samples.

For more information, visit www.trilion.com

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