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Camera CAD Models

iX Cameras shares it's CAD models

With many applications the camera is a component in the overall solution. While commercially available accessories can fulfil most requirements there are always some situations that require a bit extra. This may be as simple as a bracket to mount an accessory to the camera, or as complex as a full OEM system integration. Whatever the requirement, accurate and complete interface data is a must. As such iX Cameras is pleased to provide another first in our industry by opening access to the CAD model data for the exterior of our cameras.

Below you will find links to all variants of the i-SPEED 7, i-SPEED 5, and most of the i-SPEED 2 products (i-SPEED 230 coming soon). These links open read only documents directly in the Onshape CAD cloud system. No account, not even free sign in is required. You can view, measure, and export these models in several standard formats direct from your browser. For guidance on using the Onshape free viewer click here. The models are free to use according to the accompanying license terms.

Want to use Onshape for your own designs or don’t have access to a traditional CAD system? You can use the Create Account link from within the free viewer.

The New i-SPEED 7 Series Camera Models


i-SPEED 7 Series Camera Models

i-SPEED 7 Instrument No XSSD
i-SPEED 7 Instrument XSSD
i-SPEED 7 Rugged No XSSD
i-SPEED 7 Rugged XSSD

i-SPEED 5 Series Camera Models


i-SPEED 2 Series Camera Models

i-SPEED 210/220
i-SPEED 211/221

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