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iX Cameras Videos Bloodhound – The World’s Fastest Camera Capturing the World’s Fastest Car …

iX Cameras is delighted to announce its participation in the Bloodhound project – the UK’s latest attempt to break the land speed record.

The UK-based iX Cameras engineering team is a proud product sponsor - supplying high-speed video cameras which provide the Bloodhound engineers with valuable data that would otherwise remain unseen (not to mention some beautiful video too) - with a view to inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

The i-SPEED cameras are being extensively used by Daniel Jubb of the Falcon Project rocket team - from calculating the ignition time of the propellant, to analyzing the shape of the rocket plume and shock diamonds that form in it, to identifying debris and un-burnt propellant ejected as part of the exhaust plume. Using as many as eight i-SPEED cameras at a time, all synchronized together within 50-nanosecond accuracy, videos can be captured from multiple angles to ensure the whole event is captured and also to generate a 3D image.

iX Cameras looks forward to capturing the actual car in action in South Africa during 2015 in some amazing super slow-motion – utilizing the new i-SPEED 7 series – the world’s fastest high-speed camera, videoing the world’s fastest car!

The results generated from the i-SPEED cameras will ensure that the rocket will burn with maximum efficiency, generating maximum thrust and taking Bloodhound SSC and Andy Green beyond 1000 mph.

Learn more about the Bloodhound project.