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High-Speed Cameras for Research and Engineering

i-SPEED 7 Series: Elite line of high-speed cameras for the most demanding applications

The three models of the i-SPEED 7 Series feature the iX Cameras AST CMOS sensor (Advanced Sensor Technology). This custom 3.2 megapixel sensor is designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide the best possible results for accurate motion analysis. Market-leading performance of 2.45 Mfps, 27.1 GPixels/s throughput makes the i-SPEED 7 Series ideal for PIV, DIC, fluid dynamics, ballistics and a wide range of scientific research.

i-SPEED 5 Series: Feature rich high-speed cameras for slow motion analysis

The i-SPEED 5 Series high-speed cameras represent the latest advancement in high-performance, feature-rich camera technology. The three new models in the Series offer class-leading features that elevate their performance and expand their capabilities across various industries and applications, making them invaluable for professionals in scientific research and engineering.

i-SPEED 2 Series: Small, lightweight high-speed cameras

Compact and budget-friendly, the i-SPEED 2 Series cameras are ideally suited for environments where there is limited space for a high-speed camera installation. Outstanding performance features make i-SPEED 2 cameras excellent analysis tools, producing reliable images regardless of low light conditions and temperature extremes.

Learning Center: Learn more about high-speed (slow motion) video technology

A library of technical papers, industry articles and scientific research addressing the many facets of the high-speed imaging industry.
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Our video gallery contains informative (and fun) slow-motion videos, submitted by our customers using i-SPEED cameras, organized by application and industry.

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