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i-SPEED 2 Series
1 MPx to 2.6 MPx sensors   |   up to 225,000 fps   |   4 models   |  Compact and Portable
The i-SPEED 2 series bring portability and power to your application without exhausting your budget. Choose from four models based on your resolution needs (1MPx to 2.6MPx), your speed requirements (up to 2.77GPx/sec) and your record durations (up to 16GB internal RAM). The i-SPEED 2 isn't playing the game, it's changing the game.

i-SPEED 2 Series Line-up

500 fps @ 1280 x 1024
79,500 fps Max Frame Rate
14 μm square pixel size
2GB / 4GB / 8GB Storage
Mono 2,500 ISO
600 fps @ 1600 x 1600
204,100 fps Max Frame Rate
8 μm square pixel size
2GB / 4GB Storage
Mono 1,200 ISO
2,500 fps @ 1280 x 864
225,000 fps Max Frame Rate
13.7 μm square pixel size
8GB / 16GB Storage
Mono 6,400 ISO
Color 5,000 ISO


Compact and budget-friendly, the i-SPEED 2 Series cameras are ideally suited for environments where there is limited space for a high-speed camera installation. Outstanding performance features make i-SPEED 2 cameras excellent analysis tools, producing reliable images regardless of low light conditions, temperature extremes, shock and vibration.

i-SPEED 203
Performance in a Compact Form Factor
i-SPEED 203
The i-SPEED 203 high-speed camera offers a light-sensitive CMOS sensor delivering excellent light sensitivity and superb image quality with a high level of detail to record and replay. With maximum speed of 225,000 fps and 1280 x 864 resolution at 2,500 fps, this camera is ideal for most life sciences, robotics, and machinery applications in slow motion.
203 Quantum Efficiency - Color
203 Quantum Efficiency - Mono
Compact and robust
The i-SPEED 203 puts slow motion in the palm of your hand. The small form factor fits where other cameras cannot: microscope optical mounts, engine compartments, assembly lines, mounted on machinery.
i-SPEED JBOX Multi-Camera Cable Solution
The new i-SPEED Junction Box (i-SPEED JBOX) delivers the ultimate tool to simplify a multi-camera setup. Available in two versions, Instrumentation and Rugged, the i-SPEED JBOX design and engineering makes it easy to connect to as many as four i-SPEED 203 high-speed cameras.
Up to 16GB memory
With memory levels of 8GB and 16GB, the i-SPEED 203 can capture events of extended durations.
PC control software
i-SPEED Control
with i-SPEED Control
slow motion camera control software
i-SPEED Movie Maker
with i-SPEED Movie Maker
High speed camera software
ProAnalyst By Xcitex
with ProAnalyst By Xcitex
High speed motion analysis software
i-SPEED Viewer
with i-SPEED Viewer
High speed imaging
i-SPEED Control One or Control Multi-DAQ (for i-SPEED 203) has been developed to handle large amounts of data, fast transmission, and ultra-slow motion in captured videos. Menus and workspace are structured for intuitive workflow. Define your trigger setting with just one click, adjust video playback speed, and mark your videos with helpful information such as a time stamp, frame rate, resolution, or trigger information. The user-friendly control software is suited for a wide range of video applications, including manufacturing processes, R&D, testing, robotics, biomechanics, and sports science.
Multiple trigger modes
Trigger events manually, choose post-trigger Burst mode, or the optional Video Trigger.
GenICam compliant
The i-SPEED 203 can be controlled with the global standard GenICam generic programming interface for industrial cameras.
Video trigger
A real-time video trigger system has been added to the i-SPEED® Software Suite—for when you can’t use a wired trigger, or when you want to use the event itself to trigger the camera recording. This new system works by monitoring changes in luminance value of a defined location in the camera scene. This feature is available only for the i-SPEED 203 running Control Multi-DAQ.
Software developer's kit (SDK)
iX Cameras will provide the SDK kit and the technical support to customize the software to meet your specific applications needs. We will work with you to integrate program commands into your own software to allow you full control of all i-SPEED 203 camera functions and features.
Motion analysis software included
Turn your i-SPEED camera into a precision measurement device with ProAnalyst®, premium video analysis software from Xcitex Inc. Analyze, graph and output speed, acceleration, and angular motion. Measure fluid dynamics, PIV, displacement, and more with optional toolkits.

i-SPEED 203 CAD Model
i-SPEED 210/211/220
Compact, Versatile, Easy to Use
High-sensitivity CMOS sensors provide 1.3 million pixels of resolution at 500 fps (models 210 and 211) and 2.6 megapixel resolution at 600 fps (model 220). Combined with the global exposure shutter, these cameras produce images that are ideal for microscopy, robotics, auto-crash testing, graphics inspection, 3-D biomechanics, sports, web inspection, and more.
210/211 Quantum Efficiency
220 Quantum Efficiency
Control DX software
i-SPEED Control DX software provides a complete user-friendly interface for recording, playback, and editing of i-SPEED 2 high-speed videos. This powerful camera control software has been developed specifically to handle large amounts of data, fast transmission, and ultra-slow motion. Control DX is ideal for a wide range of video applications including manufacturing and process automation, quality assurance testing, research and development, biomechanics, and sports.

  • Camera connect features allow the user to connect to one or more cameras and save user profiles in local languages.
  • Camera capture features include Low Light mode, digital gain, and dynamic range adjustment.
  • Video review provides multi-camera playback, jump to trigger frame, and video clip creation.
  • Save and export in a variety of formats.
  • Additional features include Image Processing, and a variety of recording, sync, and trigger modes.
Internal battery
The i-SPEED 211 comes with an internal battery making this camera ideal for untethered portable field work. Charge, unplug, and record. Battery life is 1 hour while recording and 1.5 hours while in standby mode.
Compact, lightweight, easy to use
Whether attached to machinery or mounted on a tripod, the small form factor of the i-SPEED 2 Series cameras fits where other cameras cannot.
Trigger modes
i-SPEED 2 models running Control DX software have two trigger modes, Normal and Burst. Triggering can be accomplished via software, external trigger switch, or the trigger button on the model 211.
GenICam compliant
All i-SPEED 2 Series cameras can be controlled with the global standard GenICam generic programming interface for industrial cameras.
Performance Options
Video trigger
i-SPEED Control DX software provides a video trigger option for the 210, 211, and 220 models. The video trigger window works like a sensor. When video triggering is activated, a reference image of the current scene is stored. In all following frames, the video trigger window is compared to the reference image. Depending on the trigger settings for gray difference and relative object size, changes in the window will trigger the camera.
Memory upgrade
Capture extended-duration events with memory levels that can be upgraded from 2GB to 4GB (models 210 and 220), or 4GB to 8GB (model 211).
Hi-G packaging
For use in harsh environments, select the Hi-G option. i-SPEED 2 cameras with Hi-G are certified to 100G shock and 20G vibration for the most physically demanding applications.
Connect the i-SPEED 211 to an IRIG-B generator to synchronize your camera’s timing.
Segmented memory
Choose this option to partition the camera’s internal memory to a maximum of 16 buffers.
i-SPEED 2 Camera CAD Models


Maximize the benefits of your i-SPEED 2 Series camera though personal support and training classes, including help with installation, applications, and more.

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