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i-SPEED 7 Series
Elite Performance

Maximum performance and outstanding image quality, ideal for engineering and research applications that require analysis accuracy.

i-SPEED 7 High Speed Cameras
  • Hyper-speed 2.45M fps
  • Up to 27.1 GPixels/s throughput
  • Rugged high-G rated body design

i-SPEED 5 Series
Perfect Balance

New mid-range cameras designed with value in mind, featuring our next generation sensor technology.

i-SPEED 5 High Speed Cameras

  • Full HD resolution
  • Exceptional light sensitivity
  • Environmentally sealed unit

i-SPEED 2 Series
Entry-level Value

Compact entry-level color and monochrome value cameras, laptop controlled with many features typically found in higher-priced cameras.

i-SPEED 2 High Speed Cameras
  • 2,500 fps @ 1280 x 864
  • Excellent light sensitivity
  • Lightweight and compact

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