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iX Cameras CDUe for complete camera control without a PC

The industry unique CDUe (Control Display Unit) makes operating the camera quick, intuitive, and portable. The CDUe allows you to frame your field of view, set resolution, frame rate and shutter speed, record, and review with the touch of a finger. With the CDUe, take your system to the field without the need of a laptop.

One step camera connection

Your CDUe has i-SPEED Control software pre-installed. Once you connect the CDUe to the camera with an Ethernet cable and USB adapter, operating the camera is as simple as launching the application on the CDUe. Just connect and control the camera.

Software designed to maximize your workflow

The custom CDUe Control software allows users to control camera settings to meet all their applications needs. The touch screen functionality of the CDUe provides an intuitive, user- friendly experience.

All the commands to control the camera are conveniently located at the bottom of the screen, allowing the user to select frame and shutter speeds and resolution and then continue on to record, review, and save. The top of the screen displays the camera and CDUe status—all the key information you need to conduct your experiments

Capturing video and triggering

Touch the Speed button to set the desired frame rate.
Shutter Touch the Shutter button and set the shutter to the desired value. The shutter can be set with the user’s choice of time measurement. The default setting is X, and this is always relative to the frame rate. The shutter can also be set to μs as a finite defined time or 1/x for values that are more familiar to photographers.

Assist The Assist function of the CDUe, unique to i-SPEED cameras, provides our customers with a one-touch feature to ensure the subject they are studying is in focus, and the setting is set to the right exposure and has the correct amount of light to get the best video.

This is a colored overlay that peaks to red when an item is sharp and therefore in focus. This makes setting the focus very easy in bright light environments or on moving machinery.

Another advantage of the i-FOCUS feature is that the depth of field can be seen, and therefore focus can be balanced to suit any movement in the scene.
The i-EXPOSE feature highlights peak white areas of the image in red and highlights peak black areas of the image in blue. This allows the user to balance the image between peak white and peak black and also ensure that important parts of the image are not too saturated or lost in darkness.
Low Light
Resolution may be reduced when operating at high frame rates, so the camera needs to be set up and aligned for reduced resolution. This may be difficult to achieve in low light level situations. The Low Light feature allows the user to quickly set the frame rate to 60 fps while maintaining the set resolution to allow for alignment and focusing of the camera.
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