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3.2 Megapixel   |   2.45 million fps   |   2072 x 1536   |   27+GPixels/s   |   ISO 125,000

The i-SPEED 7 Series featuring the AST sensor (Advanced Sensor Technology) boasts an unparalleled combination of features to complement the market-leading performance specifications. These models carry the legacy of the original 7 Series, providing researchers and engineers with state-of-the art scientific tools that help our customers advance their research in a lab or a test range.

The i-SPEED 7 Series Camera Models

5,315 fps @ 2072 x 1536
7,960 fps @ 1920 x 1080
2.45 million fps Max Frame Rate
36 / 72 / 96 / 144 / 192 / 288GB RAM
Light sensitivity Mono (Gain off/on) 16,000/125,000
Light sensitivity Color (Gain off/on) 4,000/32,000
6,642 fps @ 2072 x 1536
9,944 fps @ 1920 x 1080
2.45 million fps Max Frame Rate
36 / 72 / 96 / 144 / 192 / 288GB RAM
Light sensitivity Mono (Gain off/on) 16,000/125,000
Light sensitivity Color (Gain off/on) 4,000/32,000
8,512 fps @ 2072 x 1536
12,742 fps @ 1920 x 1080
2.45 million fps Max Frame Rate
36 / 72 / 96 / 144 / 192 / 288GB RAM
Light sensitivity Mono (Gain off/on) 16,000/125,000
Light sensitivity Color (Gain off/on) 4,000/32,000


The three models are packed with a long list of advanced features that push the 7 Series ahead of the pack. Features include the new AST CMOS sensor, with market-leading performance of 2.45 million fps and high-resolution. In addition to the new sensor, the i-SPEED 7 Series comes with an electromechanical shutter for remote session reference and a shutter integration time of 168ns. These features and many more make the i-SPEED 7 Series ideal for PIV, DIC, fluid dynamics, ballistics and a wide range of scientific research.

Unparalleled Throughput
AST CMOS sensor
The i-SPEED 7 Series (717, 721, and 727) provides an increased 2072 x 1536 resolution that raises throughput speeds to 27.1 GPixels/second (27.1 billion pixels processed every second)—at even higher frame speeds. The balance between resolution and frame rate produces amazingly clear images at impressive resolutions that are critical for accurate motion analysis.
Synchronized Integrated Lighting Control (SILC*)
The new integrated lighting control allows users to accurately control external lighting independent of the camera’s exposure duration. Three modes allow the user to set up a single pulse per frame, double pulse per frame, or change pulse duration on alternating frames. This is ideal for LED and PIV laser illumination where the timing of the light in relation to the exposure can be tightly controlled. Delay, duration, and relative position for each pulse can be defined, allowing for superior lighting control and advanced camera synchronization possibilities.
* Patent Pending
Rugged High-G Rated Body Design
iX Cameras engineers combined the i-SPEED 7 Series instrumentation and rugged models into one innovative camera housing ideal for both laboratory and challenging field environments. The sturdy rugged design features a high-G rated two-piece aluminum enclosure for exceptional protection. The redesigned all aluminum enclosure also includes a user removable handle to provide greater flexibility when mounting the camera to a static frame. Removing the handle exposes fixing points to facilitate the connection of other components such as the CDUe or lights, displays, booms, etc.
Don't Stop—Just Swap
Swappable SSD technology allows you to transfer high resolution images between a camera and a computer. The external solid state drive (xSSD) memory cartridge, available in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB sizes, is ideal for secure non-volatile storage of large video files without interrupting the video capture process.
PC Control Software Sets New Standard
i-SPEED Control
with i-SPEED Control
slow motion camera control software
i-SPEED Movie Maker
with i-SPEED Movie Maker
High speed camera software
ProAnalyst By Xcitex
with ProAnalyst By Xcitex
High speed motion analysis software
i-SPEED Viewer
with i-SPEED Viewer
High speed imaging
The i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0 enables you to use the software with a Windows laptop, desktop, or the optional Control Display Unit (CDUe). With both versions of the PC software—Standard and Premium—you will experience unparalleled features and the most complete set of functions with a modern and intuitive GUI. Control your camera via Gigabit Ethernet connection—load and control single and multiple camera configurations or connect remotely for uninterrupted access to restricted areas.

Two levels to suit your specific application requirements
  • Control One: Control a single camera from a laptop or PC.
  • Control Multi-DAQ: Control multiple cameras and/or synchronize with data acquisition devices.
Software Developer's Kit (SDK)
iX Cameras will provide the SDK kit and the technical support to customize the software to meet your specific applications needs. We will work with you to integrate program commands into your own software to allow you full control of all i-SPEED 7 camera functions and features.
Local Languages
To accommodate our worldwide customer base, the i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0 will be available in local languages to meet the needs of our global customers.
Video Trigger
The latest feature of the i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0, this functionality allows the user to define trigger levels through a manual mode or choose auto mode and have the software calibrate trigger levels. A Track mode has also been added for triggering the camera in a dynamically changing environment such as cloud cover.
Auto Black Reference (each frame)
The i-SPEED 7 is the only ultra-high-speed camera that does not require the black level to be set for each scene. The camera automatically verifies the black levels for every single frame it records, simplifying your workflow and producing beautifully contrasted shots automatically.
On board Image Processing
Unlike all other ultra-high-speed cameras on the market, the i-SPEED 7 does not output unprocessed RAW files by default. All video and images generated by the camera are fully processed by the camera itself; no need to set color and balance and playable video by default. View the videos right out of the camera, with no post-processing necessary after the video is uploaded—simply open your images and video in any movie player. Miss your adjustment palette, or are you unsure about the exposure of a shot? No problem—you can always save into an 8-bit, 12-bit or 16-bit RAW image or format. Save time downloading the video now by skipping the processing and spend the time later doing your camera adjustments with your preferred adjustment software.
Data Collection Software
i-SPEED Control Multi-DAQ contains all of the software necessary to fully integrate your compatible NI DAQ hardware with your i-SPEED 7 capture. Sync and examine multiple channels of data with your video and import them both directly into Pro-Analyst® for synchronized, quantifiable motion and data.*
*Premium bundle required.
Motion Analysis Software Included*
Turn your i-SPEED camera into a precision measurement device with ProAnalyst®, premium video analysis software from Xcitex Inc. Analyze, graph and output speed, acceleration, and angular motion. Measure fluid dynamics, PIV, displacement, and more with optional toolkits.*
*Premium bundle required.
Focus-Assist Algorithm
i-FOCUS assists in setting the focus of the image in bright environments or on moving objects. A brightly colored overlay peaks to red when lines on an object are crisp and that object is in focus. i-FOCUS is also an excellent way for the user to quickly see the available depth of field in the shot.
i-SPEED 7 Camera CAD Models
Electromechanical Shutter
Electromechanical shutter
Continuing our tradition of developing easy-to-use cameras, we added an optional electromechanical shutter to the i-SPEED 7 Series. This new feature enables remote reference, automated calibration, and sensor protection during lens changes. The electromechanical shutter makes the i-SPEED 7 Series ideal for field work where the camera is at a distance from the user and for DIC and PIV applications where the camera must not be moved after a calibration frame.
Direct Connect Rear Panel
Responding to customer feedback, iX Cameras implemented improvements to camera body design. The i-SPEED 5 Series added more BNC connections on the rear panel of the camera to reduce the requirement for a feature lead. Now the
i-SPEED 7 features Trigger, Sync In/Out, and Exposure Out on the rear panel. Exposure Out can be switched to Synchronized Lighting Control.
  1. Power Input 12-36v
  2. HD-SDI / HDMI video output
  3. 1Gb Ethernet control and download
  4. Optional Internal batteries
  5. Power button
  6. Trigger input BNC
  7. Sync In/Out BNC
  8. Exposure Out BNC
  9. I/O connector
    12v Out
    IRIG in
Revolutionary CDUe for
Complete Camera Control
The industry unique CDUe (Control Display Unit) makes operating the camera quick, intuitive, and portable. The CDUe easily allows you to frame your field of view, set resolution, frame rate and shutter speed, record and review with the touch of a finger. Combine the CDUe with battery option for the camera and take your system to the field to run without the need of a laptop or power supply.
2TB Internal SSD Storage
Recording at high speeds with high resolutions produces a great deal of data. The
i-SPEED 7 Series camera can be configured with up to 2TB of internal SSD storage. You can quickly and seamlessly transfer data from the camera’s internal RAM memory to secure, non-volatile SSD—without touching the camera—for subsequent analysis. A 2TB capacity allows the user to store multiple recordings and conduct tests in quick succession.
Real-Time Health Monitor
Observe the camera's internal condition and external environment. Switch off fans to prevent vibration in microscopic applications. View battery status, voltage requirements and temperatures.
i-SPEED JBOX Multi-Camera Cable Solution
The new i-SPEED Junction Box (i-SPEED JBOX) delivers the ultimate tool to simplify a multi-camera setup. Available in two versions, Instrumentation and Rugged, the i-SPEED JBOX design and engineering makes it easy to connect to as many as four i-SPEED 7 series high-speed cameras.
Unplug and Go with Internal Batteries
The optional battery set adds to the portability of the i-SPEED 7 Series camera, providing a one-hour charge without external power that can be swapped with another set for extended use. Data security is essential when tests cannot be repeated or in environments where the threat of power loss exists. Ensure that your video will be secure and intact with internal batteries that engage as soon as external power is lost.
i-CHEQ Status Monitoring
Monitor your camera's status at a glance and in real-time with i-CHEQ 360. View in-camera details for single or multiple camera setups with Remote i-CHEQ, part of the i-SPEED Software Suite 2.0. Understand your camera's exact status using the three variable color lights on the front of the camera and mirrored inside the control software.
Spectral Graph
Our latest custom designed CMOS sensor with class leading light sensitivity provides high quality images for accurate analysis.
Upgrade Path Between Three Models
The i-SPEED 7 Series has been designed to allow for easy upgrades between models as performance or application requirements increase. Add additional memory and options such as xSSD or upgrade to a higher performance model.
Movie Making Software Included*
i-SPEED Movie Maker is the world's only video editing software designed specifically for high-speed video. Movie Maker features virtually no render lag and focuses on frame rate and video speed. Overlay ProAnalyst® video analysis directly on top of your video to create captivating presentations, or use Movie Maker to crop, trim, expand, or combine videos. Sync and edit multiple angles, insert graphical overlays and much more.
*Premium bundle required.
HD-SDI Video Output and HDMI Video Output
The i-SPEED 7 offers the most versatile and varied output and control options available, allowing the ultimate freedom to use the camera in a variety of applications and industries. Connect to any external viewfinder, camera monitor or TV and view live video directly from the camera, or preview video during playback and review. HD-SDI output means that the video signal is not compromised even during long down-range video runs. View a direct video feed from up to 300m away with the HD-SDI or record and play back on-the-fly for more agile shoots. Whether you are controlling it through the CDUe or a local computer, you will use an instinctual and intuitive control system, allowing for quick recording, playback, cropping and saving of clips. Multiple video outputs allow for instant streaming of camera images third-party connectivity and live interaction.
Connect your i-SPEED 7 cameras to an IRIG-B generator to synchronize the timing across a test range. The i-SPEED 7 uses the range-acclaimed phase lock IRIG system invented for the i-SPEED 3 cameras in 2010, widely accepted to be the most accurate because it actively synchronizes the internal camera clock to external timing pulses. The IRIG time (and position) are logged with each frame.
Luminance Histogram
Real-time on-screen luminance histogram allows you to make precise adjustments to both the sensor as well as the image while you are setting up the scene. Adjust or invert individual channel brightness, contrast and color values, or fine-tune the gain and gamma of the live image based on easy-to-read histogram levels.
External USB 3 Storage
Save video or quickly transfer high resolution images directly to a USB drive, or connect a USB3 external hard-drive and transfer your compressed or uncompressed video directly to your portable storage.


Maximize the benefits of your i-SPEED 7 Series Camera though personal support and training classes, including help with installation, applications, and more.


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iX Cameras offers a wide range of i-SPEED accessories to meet the demands of all applications. Find everything you need right here from lenses to lights and data acquisition solutions. Or let us work with you to develop the system you need.

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