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MilliporeSigma using i-SPEED 2 to perfect device prototyping

April 30th, 2018

MilliporeSigma recently purchased an i-SPEED 2 model 221 to troubleshoot a prototype device that controls an electrical current passing from one fluid-filled chamber to another across a narrow channel roughly 50μm x 50μm.

During the testing phase there were problems with bubbles forming inside the liquid-filled chambers and interfering with the electrical signal. The images below show the bubbles in the chambers. Due to the extremely short time period that elapsed as the chambers filled with liquid, engineers were unable to determine the origin of the bubbles. Doug Boucher, Sr. Development Engineer, Life Science, commented, "Recording at 400 fps, the i-SPEED 2 camera was able to clearly show where the bubbles originated from, and we were successfully able to modify the design and eliminate the bubbles."

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