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iX Cameras helps The Falcon Project soar

The Falcon Project Ltd is a UK company that designs and manufactures custom solid, liquid and hybrid propellant rocket systems at facilities in the US and UK, with applications for both commercial and military use.

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iX Cameras has been working with Daniel Jubb, Managing Director and head of the company’s propulsion division over the past five years to help them better test and analyze the rockets’ performance during the testing. A critical factor for Daniel and his engineering team is to observe and analyze the ignition and burn phases of the rocket motors they develop in-house.

They conduct this research with a combination of i-SPEED 7 and i-SPEED 2 series cameras to generate high quality images from different angles and perspectives. The multi-camera configuration provides video that they can review in slow motion. These images clearly display shock diamond formation and pattern, un-burnt propellant, shape, size and color of rocket plume, and also furnish crucial video data to correlate with data from pressure transducers and load cells.

“First and foremost, we chose i-SPEED cameras for their combination of both image quality and frame speed,” Daniel said. “Resolution and image quality is paramount to our research as it is essential to be able to capture very small particles travelling at high velocity.

The i-SPEED 7 camera's high resolution allows for digital zoom when required, and lets us accurately measure and track particles in flow. The team at iX Cameras has always gone above and beyond the call of duty to support us.”

iX Cameras works with Daniel and his engineering teams at The Falcon Project as they conduct routine testing at both their UK facilities in Westcott and the US site in the Mojave desert. Cameras are frequently moved between locations, and portability is key. Daniel and the team use the unique CDUe (Controller Display Unit) to set up cameras and ensure correct framing and focus before connecting the cameras to their network, allowing for safe and secure remote operation from their control bunker.

“The CDUe allows my team to stand right next to the cameras to ensure proper set-up, before we retire to the safety of the control bunker and actual operation of the cameras using the PC Control software."

Falcon was proud to play a minor part of the development of the i-SPEED 7, including testing the filters under desert conditions. The iX Cameras team works very closely with customers like Daniel and their teams to ensure that our products are up to the challenges our customers face in their applications. Jonathan Hatton, Director of Business Development at iX Cameras added, “We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to allow them to maximize their use of our cameras and generate the results they need to move forward."
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