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i-SPEED 7 Nikon F lens retention

iX Cameras manufacture two Nikon F lens mounts for the i-SPEED 7 range of cameras: one for D lenses with manual aperture, and one for G lenses with no aperture ring. With each generation of cameras many improvements are made, one of these improvements is tighter retention of the lens (to limit lens movement). This is achieved by using a much more robust spring lever to hold the lens tight to the camera lens plate.
The images show:
  • A Nikon SLR mount
  • iX Cameras i-SPEED 3 Nikon mount
  • iX Camera i-SPEED 7 Nikon mount

i-SPEED cameras are used in more challenging environments than normal Nikon SLR cameras and therefore we manufacture with a stronger spring.

When performing analysis (and specifically 3D analysis) it is essential that the lens should not move.

Whilst the lens may be more stiff to rotate and click into position, it is better for lens retention and ensures that lenses will be correctly retained over the whole life of the product.


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