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i-SPEED DF for PIV applications

The i-SPEED DF (Dual Frame) camera has modifications to it’s timings to enable shorter interframe times and control double exposure from a single sync signal.

Custom control of these DF timings can only be done via Ethernet using the supplied SDK. Each customers requirements and PIV setup is different and so the camera control will need to be created by the end user.

The DF camera needs a single sync pulse and then will create a double exposure internally, the following 5 values can be controlled.
  1. Delay between the start of each exposure
  2. Sync to first exposure delay
  3. Interframe time
  4. Max double frame sampling period
  5. Exposure period

The PIV controller will then need to generate sync’s for both the laser and the camera.
Connection to the cameras sync input is via the feature lead.

Once control of the camera is coded via the SDK then the camera will store frame pairs in its internal memory. These can be downloaded via the ethernet for post analysis.

The DF camera will allow a minimum interframe time of 646nS and a maximum dual frame rate of 1065dfps.

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