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JPEG compression in i-SPEED 3

In order to reduce file sizes and download times the i-SPEED 3 series of cameras have internal compression. The compression used is a JPEG format which is very industry standard.

Saving with the CDU

When the CDU is used the camera saves HSV files which is a sequence of JPEG images within a windows AVI 1.0 wrapper. This file only compresses individual frames and does not interframe compress.

Saving with the i-SPEED Control software

When using the i-SPEED Control software to save AVI files the same file format can be selected by ticking the Motion JPEG box at the bottom of the save screen. This will save the video without re-compressing the video that the camera has compressed. This is also does not inter-frame compress.

MAC Compatibility

Some MAC computers will not be able to read i-SPEED JPEGs and so conversion may be required. A MAC expects interleaved JPEG format and the cameras internal compression is non-interleaved. You can use the i-SPEED control software to compress using a different codec by leaving the &aps;Motion JPEG&aps; un-ticked and then select a preferred codec.

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