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Synchronization of multiple i-SPEED 7 cameras

To ensure that all cameras are framing at the same speed and frames are aligned, the cameras need to be synchronised. This is achieved by using the control software to switch one of the camera to master = 'sync out' (The master camera is the main camera that will control all the other camera speeds), and connecting into the 'sync' of the remaining cameras (Slave cameras). When the frame rate is set on the master camera the other slave cameras will lock to that same speed, and will all be framing at the same time.
To get access to the sync signal a feature lead is required for each camera.

When making the appropriate connections on the feature lead, BNC leads of suitable length (application dependant) will be required. Also BNC T pieces will be required
If multiple cameras are not synchronised the frame exposure times will not be aligned

By synchronising the cameras we can ensure the frame exposures are aligned

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