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Synchronizing Two i-SPEED 230 cameras

To ensure the two cameras can sync correctly:

The Master camera must not have full exposure time (allow 5-8μs lower than max value).
This ensures the output has sufficient duration to act as a sync to the Slave.

The Slave camera must be set more than 5 fps faster than the Master.
This ensures the Slave's timings are capable of taking the input frequency without skipping frames.

The Master’s Digital Output Line 0 set to Sync Out.
Allows the Master to output syncs (note currently there is a mismatch in the labels).

The Slave’s Frame Start needs to be set to Line 0 and activated.
Allows the Slave to wait for a sync.

Connect Master Digital out 4 to Slave Digital in 0 with a BNC cable.

For an example of the settings for 1000 fps, see the steps to the right.

1000 fps example:

  1. Power on both cameras using Control VM.
  2. Set Master camera to 1000 fps.
  3. Ensure Master exposure time is more than 5μs lower than max.
  4. Set digital output ‘Line 0’ to ‘Sync Out’.
  5. Set Slave camera to 1010 fps.
  6. Set digital input to Frame Start to ‘Line 0’ and activate.
  7. Connect Digital Out 4 on the Master I/O cable to the Digital In 0 on the Slave I/O cable.

The cameras should both display a live image. If the Slave camera is not live, ensure that the Control VM software is up to date.

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