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Bioinspired Functional Structures for Lubricant Control at Surfaces and Interfaces: Wedged-Groove with Oriented Capillary Patterns

Authors: S Chen, Q Dai, X Yang, J Liu, W Huang… - ACS Applied Materials
Publisher: ACS Publications
In this work, a design concept of bioinspired functional surfaces is proposed for lubricant control at surfaces and interfaces subjected to external thermal gradients. Inspired by the conical structures of cactus and the motion configuration of Centipedes, a bioinspired surface of wedged-groove with an oriented capillary pattern is constructed. The effect of geometrical parameters on the directional lubricant manipulation capacity and sliding anisotropy is discussed. It is found that by regulating the orientation of the capillary pattern, a controllable lubricant self-transport capacity can be achieved for varying conditions from surfaces to interfaces, with or without thermal gradients. The lubricant self-transport process is captured, and the mechanism is revealed. The design philosophy of the proposed bioinspired functional surface is believed to have potential applications for lubricant control in modern machinery and complex liquid control in lab-on-a-chip and microfluidics devices.
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