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3D-Printed Parahydrophobic Functional Textile with a Hierarchical Nanomicroscale Structure

Authors: ACS Nano
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Functional textiles with superhydrophobicity and high adhesion to water, called parahydrophobic, are attracting increasing attention from industry and academia. The hierarchical (micronanoscale) surface patterns in nature provide an excellent reference for the manufacture of parahydrophobic functional textiles. However, the replication of the complex parahydrophobic micronanostructures in nature exceeds the ability of traditional manufacturing strategies, which makes it difficult to accurately manufacture controllable nanostructures on yarn and textiles. Herein, a two-photon femtosecond laser direct writing strategy with nanoscale process capability was utilized to accurately construct the functional parahydrophobic yarn with a diameter of 900 μm. Inspired by rose petals, the parahydrophobic yarn is composed of a hollow round tube, regularly arranged micropapillae (the diameter is 109 μm), and nanofolds (the distance is 800 nm) on papillae. The bionic yarn exhibited a superior parahydrophobic behavior, where the liquid droplet not only was firmly adhered to the bionic yarn at an inverted angle (180°) but also presented as spherical on the yarn (the maximum water contact angle is 159°). The fabric woven by the bionic yarn also exhibited liquid droplet-catching ability even when tilted vertically or turned upside down. Based on the excellent parahydrophobic function of bionic yarn, we demonstrated a glove that has very wide application potential in the fields of water droplet-based transportation, manipulation, microreactors, microextractors, etc.
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