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Spacing effect on pool boiling performance of three triangular pitched and vertically oriented tubes

Authors: A Nikulin, JL Dauvergne, A Ortuondo
Publisher: Elsevier
There is a scarcity of available data on boiling process in vertically oriented tube bundles in accessible sources. Lack of systematic studies is limiting further expansion of this highly efficient process of heat transfer into heat recovery field. In this paper boiling process of three triangular pitched and vertically oriented tubes has been studied in ethanol at 78 °C. The main focus of this work was to study the effect of tube spacings on heat transfer coefficient (HTC) and bubbles behavior (bubble departure diameter in particular) that were visualised with the help of a high speed camera. Experiments were performed in a wide range of tube spacings (from 10.75 to 0.25 mm) and heat flux densities (from 3 to 70 kW/m2).
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