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The i-SPEED 7 has seen world-wide adoption by both military agencies as well as space programs as it is an invaluable tool for testing static booster tests (as seen here) as well as recording rocket launches themselves. The high definition video captured by the i-SPEED 7 allows for amazingly crisp detail to be zoomed in and inspected, while keeping the camera a safe distance from the blast zone. In this video, iX Cameras - makers of the world's fastest camera, partnered with the Falcon Project and Bloodhound SSC - makers of the world’s fastest car to record their test engine using an 8 camera ruggedized high speed rig. Despite brutally intense heats, corrosive chemicals and incredible pressure levels all cameras recorded without fail. In here two cameras are shown, both cameras shot using the full 3.1 MP sensor at a resolution of 2048 x 1536. The mono recording was captured at a frame rate of 2,000 frames per second and a shutter speed of 498789 nanoseconds. The color camera was capturing at a frame rate of 4,000 frames per second and a shutter speed of 248,789 nanoseconds.

Learn how the Falcon Project uses i-SPEED cameras to improve rocket performance.

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